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What is Renter's Insurance?

Renter's insurance, also known as "tenant insurance", "condo tenant insurance" or "content insurance", is home insurance for people who rent (not own) the home they live in.

Renter's insurance is taken out by the renter of the property to cover losses or damages to their personal property, as well as liability coverage in case they cause damage to the rental property or if someone is injured while on the property.

What does Renter's Insurance cover?

  • Personal Liability

    Protection in the event of bodily injury or damage to the rented property

  • Loss of Use/Relocation

    Cover the cost of temporary housing if the unit is deemed unlivable, as well as prevent the loss of rental payments to the landlord

  • Property Damage

    Your personal belongings are covered in an event of peril such as fire, explosion, storm or vandalism

  • Pet Liability

    Mitigate risks caused by pets to others and others' property

Why do I need Renter's Insurance?

Renter's insurance is almost always required by your landlord in your rental agreement. Renter's insurance offers protection to both you and the landlord in the event of injury, property damage or damage to personal belongings.

By partnering with SURE, iROOMit offers flexible, low-cost options for tenants to purchase Renter's Insurance with affordable month-to-month or yearly payment plans.

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