Why Montreal is the Best City for Flatmate Living & Co-Living

by iROOMit Team
2 June 2022
4 min read

Like any other city in Canada, Montreal comes highly recommended when one is looking to migrate. The cool climate and even cooler citizens combined with a high quality of life make it easy to choose Montreal. Also known as the City of Saints, Montreal is the second-most populous city in Canada, surpassed by Toronto in the 1970s. However, the city maintained its status as a commerce, transport, technology, education, art, and world affairs hub. 

Due to its neutral stand in global issues, Canada and particularly Montreal has been the chosen ground for numerous conferences and events, including the 1967 International and Universal Exposition and the 1976 Summer Olympics, making Montreal the only Canadian city to host Summer Olympics. Let's be honest; the Summer Olympics don't seem like Canada's cup of tea. So why should one consider Montreal when thinking of relocating? Let's find out!

The Urban Dream

Montreal is the perfect depiction of a city that has it all. From a bustling metropolis to quaint suburban neighbourhoods, the city of Montreal caters to people from all walks of life. Finding a Flatmate is so easy in Montreal.

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Not only that, but the city also offers complete cultural and religious freedom to its multiethnic community. This liberty makes it a top choice, especially for people belonging to minority groups worldwide. 

With fun festivals year-round, Montreal’s cheerful and mild-natured people are always looking for a reason to celebrate. It is also one of the few cities in Canada that experiences real summers. In Montreal, one can experience the amalgamation of cultures, art, traditions, and lifestyles while also living in the world's friendliest city.


Excellent Education & Employment Opportunities

Montreal has been named the best North American City for Students. This title has been given to Montreal for numerous reasons. The Ville-Marie has lots to offer everyone, from affordable living conditions, which help students find flats for rent easily, to great food, tolerant people, numerous recreational activities, and pleasant weather. McGill University, University of Montreal, Concordia University, and the Montreal College of Information Technology are worth mentioning in the Canadian educational program. Imagine living, working and having fun in same area finding a room or flat is very simple visit our website or download the app iROOMit from google play or apple store.

The booming job market also has a major role in making Montreal a fantastic choice to migrate to. Whether it's healthcare, technology, pharmaceuticals, fashion, or aerospace, Montreal offers great jobs to people with all sorts of qualifications and interests. Each year thousands of jobs are created due to constantly developing communities, which further helps improve the quality of life.

Housing Options

Why not think about flatmate living?

Affordable housing is another important aspect in which Montreal takes the cake. While cities like Toronto and Ottawa can be expensive for newcomers, Montreal has a housing market that can accommodate people with all kinds of budgets. Whether one is looking for a studio, one or two-bedroom flat for rent, all are readily available. Flats closer to the city centre might be slightly more expensive than those a little distance away. 

When looking for a flat in Montreal, one must start the hunt at least two to three months in advance. This way, you will have sufficient time to browse the housing market, weigh the pros and cons of different flats and select one that is suitable as well as affordable. One can also hire mortgage brokers to help one in the search for the right flat. Not only that, they can help one formulate a tenancy application that can be accepted by the landlord immediately. 

You can find studio flats for rent in Montreal for as low as $1000 per month! This rent leaves one enough money to spend the month comfortably without having to work multiple jobs. You can find one and two-bedroom flats for $1400 and $1900.


Having Fun!

Montreal offers an array of indoor and outdoor activities that can keep one entertained when boredom strikes. For the history buff, the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal is a sight worth exploring, with the staff offering free tours in both English and French. The superb internal design is a sight to behold and will leave your mouth hanging. There is also the Biodome that showcases different ecosystems and how they survive in different conditions. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts housing relics from around the globe, the Montreal Botanical Garden with its lush greenery and unique botanical species, La Ronde with its Ferris wheel and roller coasters are some of the sites that one can visit in Montreal.

That's About It!

While everyone knows how awesome Canada is, this article hoped to woo you to opt for Montreal. While Toronto or Ottawa might seem the more obvious choice, Montreal is the more practical one. With a multicultural population, ample opportunities for education, employment and housing, and loads of fun activities, Montreal is a dream come true for those looking to relocate and improve the quality of their lives!