Useful Information for Finding Rooms to Rent in Los Angeles

by iROOMit Team
9 August 2023
8 min read
  • Check Habitability Standards: Ensure that the room meets basic standards of habitability. This includes having access to essential amenities like a toilet, proper heating, ventilation, adequate lighting, and functioning locks.
  • Set and Stick to a Budget: Determine a budget for your rental and make sure to adhere to it. The average cost of renting a room in LA is approximately $650, though this figure can fluctuate based on factors such as location and available amenities.
  • Select the Right Neighborhood: Choose a neighborhood that aligns with your lifestyle, preferences, and commuting needs. Popular options in Los Angeles include Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and Downtown LA.
  • Use Reliable Rental Platforms: Utilize trustworthy websites to search for rooms and potential flatmates. Some recommended platforms are iROOMit, Zumper, and Craigslist. When browsing listings, pay attention to reviews, images, and direct communication with the posters.
  • Act Swiftly and Prepare Documentation: Due to the competitive and fast-paced rental market in LA, be ready to submit your application promptly. Gather necessary documents such as proof of income, credit report, references, and rental history.
  • Thoroughly Review Lease Agreements: Carefully read through the lease agreement before signing. Make sure you comprehend your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. If you have any uncertainties or questions, don't hesitate to seek clarification from the landlord or property manager.

Additionally, here's some information about rental prices in LA. According to data as of August 2023, the average monthly rent in Los Angeles is as follows:

  • Studio: $2,500
  • One-bedroom: $2,900
  • Two-bedroom: $3,900
  • Three-bedroom: $5,100

For those seeking available rooms for rent, there are various websites to explore:


By following these tips and leveraging the resources available, you'll be well-equipped to find the perfect room to rent in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, renowned for its vibrant culture, diverse population, and iconic attractions, sprawls across a massive, LA stands as the world's 7th largest city. Amid its 87 neighborhoods and endless activities, embarking on an LA adventure might leave you wondering where to begin. This comprehensive guide breaks down the major districts and suburbs, providing insights into what each area offers and where to start your exploration.

Santa Monica

For a taste of upscale Southern California living, venture west to Santa Monica. Named one of National Geographic's Top 10 Beach Cities in the World, Santa Monica beckons with its blend of tourists and locals. Skip the bustling Third Street Promenade and Santa Monica Pier if crowds aren't your scene. Instead, explore Main Street's quaint boutiques and discover more authentic restaurants with a friendlier atmosphere a bit further east from the beach.


Experience the epitome of Southern California's charm in Venice. This neighborhood boasts palm-lined streets, delectable foodie spots, edgy street art, and fashion bloggers capturing moments in hidden alleyways. From the Venice Canals to the vibrant Abbot Kinney Boulevard and the intriguing Ocean Front Walk, Venice Beach is a captivating blend of the bizarre and intoxicating. Embrace eco-friendly choices to align with the local vibe.


Tucked just north of Santa Monica, Brentwood exudes coziness and tranquility. With its A-list residents, Brentwood maintains an air of exclusivity. Among its highlights is the stunning Getty Center, situated at the northern edge of the neighborhood. Wander its meticulously landscaped grounds, visit Brentwood Country Mart for a bite, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking views, architecture, and art of the Getty Center.

Culver City

Culver City, split down the middle, boasts historical significance and diverse communities. To the west, a colourful concrete jungle teems with unique characters, while the eastern part features trendy restaurants, shops, and legendary film locations like Culver Studios and the original MGM Studios. The northern part hosts a multitude of start-ups, contributing to the neighborhood's vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is synonymous with luxury and opulence. Explore Rodeo Drive's high-end shopping, where celebrity sightings are practically guaranteed. Beyond the glitz, embrace the dining scene, even if the focus often leans toward being seen rather than eating. Don't forget iconic landmarks like The Real Housewives' abodes and the storied Playboy Mansion.

West Hollywood

Second only to Venice, West Hollywood is a prime spot for people-watching. The legendary Sunset Boulevard defines this neighborhood, known for its vibrant LGBTQ+ community and extravagant events. From the world-renowned Gay Pride parade to Halloween celebrations on Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood's allure extends to rooftop pool parties, rock concerts, and dynamic dance performances. Explore Melrose, Robertson, and West 3rd for shopping and dining delights.

Sherman Oaks

For a taste of Hollywood minus the hustle, Sherman Oaks is your haven. This laid-back enclave boasts excellent shopping, including the Galleria and Ventura Boulevard, along with cozy pubs, sushi spots, and cafes. If you're hoping to spot a celebrity on the down-low, explore the lush neighborhoods south of Ventura Boulevard and catch a glimpse of stars grabbing their organic pressed juices.

Studio City

Beyond its Hollywood Hills backdrop, Studio City harbors its own share of fame. This neighborhood has served as a backdrop for beloved TV shows like the Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island. Explore Fryman Canyon's panoramic views, discover the charm of Tujunga Village, and soak in the welcoming atmosphere that sets Studio City apart.


Imagine Mid-City as a fusion of several neighborhoods' best traits. It encompasses aspects of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Downtown, and Culver City. Serving as the cultural, artistic, shopping, and dining hub, Mid-City offers attractions like the La Brea Tar Pits and the L.A. County Museum of Art. Indulge in retail therapy at The Grove or legendary Melrose, and savor upscale dining experiences on West 3rd Street.



Known as Tinseltown, LaLaLand, and the Entertainment Capital of the World, Hollywood boasts rich movie history. Amidst the touristy hustle, don't miss the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Dolby Theatre (home to The Oscars), and the iconic Hollywood Sign. For locals, relaxation abounds at the Roosevelt's Pool or amid the serene Hollywood Hills scenery.

Los Feliz

For an authentic taste of LA away from the coast, Los Feliz is a haven for creatives. Its historical charm, architectural significance, and eclectic offerings define the neighborhood. Explore shady streets lined with cafes, dive bars, and mom-and-pop shops, reminiscent of Old Hollywood's glamour.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake, Los Feliz's older sibling, boasts a similar vibe with a touch of humility. Positioned between Los Feliz and Echo Park, this diverse neighborhood offers Sunset Junction as its central hub. Enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine, gastropubs, and speakeasies, all while embracing the area's authentic, unpretentious atmosphere.


This vibrant neighborhood blends cultures and offers a wide range of experiences. From the popular California Donuts to diverse restaurants and historical homes, Koreatown is a melting pot of attractions. While indulging in Korean BBQ or exploring hip dive bars, remember the unique allure of the famous Korean spas.

The Arts District

Former warehouses now house chic lofts and upscale condos in the Arts District. This hip area is a real estate hotspot, accompanied by vibrant bars and an art scene characterized by graffiti and galleries. Rub elbows with artists and designers while soaking in the creative atmosphere.

Historic Core

Downtown LA's Historic Core boasts iconic landmarks like the Bradbury Building, Grand Central Market, and historic theaters. This area thrives with energy, offering spots like Perch, The Standard, and The Last Bookstore for a captivating atmosphere.

South Park

Distinct from the TV show, South Park is a lively district home to L.A. LIVE, Microsoft Square, and cultural institutions like the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Sports, fashion, and music enthusiasts frequent the STAPLES Center and the L.A. Convention Center. Be prepared for parking expenses in this action-packed locale.

Financial District

An urban and upscale haven, the Financial District caters to business and culture. Upscale eateries, top-notch hotels, and renowned venues like the Walt Disney Concert Hall define this area. Delve into art at the Museum of Contemporary Art or explore the Broad Museum's unique exhibits.


A mere 10 minutes north of Downtown LA, Pasadena offers an escape from the urban scene. Visit the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium or enjoy shows at the Pasadena Playhouse. Old Town Pasadena exudes charm with its upscale boutiques, pubs, and cafes, providing a relaxed and charismatic getaway.

Los Angeles is a city of myriad neighborhoods, each offering a unique blend of culture, attractions, and experiences. While this guide covers many areas, the city's evolving landscape invites further exploration. If your favourite neighborhood didn't make the list, share your insights to enrich this guide!