Holiday Decorating Ideas for Flats

by iROOMit Team
13 December 2022
3 min read

It’s time to start spreading the holiday spirit and getting your home in shape for the festive season. However, if you live in a studio flat, the thought of getting ready for the holidays can be one that brings anxiety. But the last thing you should do is let the limited square footage limit your holiday spirit. A happy and cheerful house doesn’t require a lot of material possessions and an enormous space. Spread the holiday spirit with these six simple but fun decorating ideas for studio flats.

1. Put away unnecessary belongings

Clutter can make even the biggest flat look crowded and small. Because you live in a studio, decluttering your belongings before taking out your holiday decorations is crucial. Plus, the holiday season is always a good time to purge anything you no longer need in the new year.

To make more space for your larger decorations like your tree, you may need to take some things out of your flat. take them down.

2. Decorate your doorway

If you don’t have enough free space inside of your home for decorations, take them outside. Put up a wreath or wrap your front door like a present for a cute holiday greeting. A strand of battery-operated lights is a great way to give your wreath some more sparkle.


3. Choose an adequate tree

No matter how limited your flat’s square footage is, a tree can still go a long way with creating a holiday feeling. A three-foot ‘entryway’ tree fits snugly in the corner of a studio, while a five-foot thin tree gives the impression of height and fullness without taking up too much room. You may even put a miniature tree on a dresser, TV stand, or coffee table if you don’t have any room for a full-sized tree.

4. Don’t have a mantel? Improvise one

Having a fireplace to hang your stocking on isn’t a requirement for the holiday season. Instead, if you have a radiator for heating, try safely decorating the bars with a string of lights, a gorgeous garland, and some minimalist stockings. You can also use removable hooks to hang your decorations along a  kitchen counter or to create a temporary accent wall.


5. Set the table

Another fun and simple holiday decorating idea for a studio flat is to set the dining room table. Even if you don’t plan on having any guests over, you can still make an effort to give your table a quick holiday makeover with a holiday-themed centerpiece.

For instance, you can decorate your table with a bowl of ornament balls in your preferred colours with a poinsettia. If you have a set, another simple suggestion for charming flat décor is to use your favourite holiday dishes daily by setting the table with them.

6. Take advantage of the vertical space

If you’re worried about running of space in your studio flat, consider improvising and using your vertical space as well. For instance, you can try hanging ornaments and pendants from the ceiling. Simple Christmas decorations, like a banner or a display of your holiday cards, can liven up those dark areas of your studio. It’s all about thinking outside the box.

Living in a small space can be challenging, but these tips can help you add a bit of cheer to your studio flat on a budget. If you need new-to-you furniture to make it happen, consider iROOMit. No matter your chosen pieces, you can outfit your space with everything you need to feel at home.

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