Fun Things to Do in New York City

by iROOMit Team
10 May 2022
7 min read

New York City Art Museums

While there are way too many museums in NYC to visit them all on one trip – or even several – a few of our favourites make for excellent couples' destinations for the art-loving duos out there.

The Museum of Modern Art is famous for its fabulous collections of modern and contemporary art, including legends like Jasper Johns, Jackson Pollack, and more. The Guggenheim Museum is home to the works of Cézanne, Gauguin, Manet, Monet, Picasso, Pissarro, and Renoir. From Impressionist and Post-Impressionist to sculpture and the Avante Garde, this museum is an art lover’s paradise.

Unconventional Museums

Love museums, but are looking for something a little outside the box? A visit to the Museum of Sex is definitely a must for adventurous adults. It features not only an informative history of human sexuality and the way cultures across time and around the globe have perceived the human body, but it also has some really quirky exhibits to enjoy.


The Beauties of Nature

New York City may seem to be the archetypal urban landscape, but the more you explore, the more you realize that the great outdoors is just as beautiful here as any forest or park.

If you're a true lover of nature, there's the lush New York Botanical Garden which is home to over one million plants. Explore over 50 different themed exhibits and gardens and immerse yourself in unique flora and fauna. Another delightful option is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and its companion institution, the Brooklyn Museum. Explore the wonders of nature and then switch to marveling at culture.

Bike Rides

If you're looking for some larger green spaces to explore, head to the world-famous Central Park. Here, you'll find space for everything from picnics to bike tours and beyond. Plus, holding hands while walking through the park is a time-honored NYC date tradition!

For a stress-free lunchtime picnic experience, pre-order a Perfect Picnic. This way, you can simply grab and go – an easy, yet delicious, solution while enjoying the sights of the city.  You could also opt to rent a bike for some leisurely pedaling around the park, or throughout the city. It's a fun way to get out and get some exercise together on your vacation, too.

Looking for a flatmate to enjoy a long bike ride with?

Sports Venue Tours

For first-time visitors and even repeat customers, tours are an excellent way to explore the many facets of New York City life and culture. If you're a sports fan, you're definitely going to want to scope out the many amazing sports venues that you'll find in NYC. For one, Yankee Stadium is an iconic park where one of Major League Baseball's most storied teams plays. Go behind the scenes to scope out the dugout, the bullpen, a luxury box, and more. Or, if you prefer hockey and basketball, then a trip to Madison Square Garden is in order. MSG has also been home to many famed concerts over the years, so there's a lot of territory to explore there.  Foodie Tours

You can even take a food-centric walking tour that allows you to sample the area's best and most famous cuisines. Try the food that real New Yorkers eat – not just the stuff for tourists. And explore new neighborhoods while you're at it, bringing out beyond the scope of what an average visitor might see on their vacation. (And afterwards, you may want to embark on a bike tour to work it off -- perhaps someplace new like Brooklyn?)

Boozy Tours

If you love the idea of a culinary tour, but were perhaps hoping more booze was involved, then a Spirits on Foot Tour sounds like it's right up your alley. You and your friends can stroll around top NYC neighborhoods and hit up some of the best bars in the city while enjoying informative narration and insider info from your guide.

Sample drink specials, or order from the regular menu to try what the locals drink. Whether you're a beer snob, a wine connoisseur, or just love some tasty cocktails, you'll find a drink to enjoy on this tour.

Insider Tip: There are walking tour options in NYC that cover everything from street art to monuments to specific neighborhoods – check out your choices to see what suits your fancy the most!


City Explorations

So you want to see more of the city, but don't want to feel like you're taking the same tour every other tourist in the city takes? Check out New York's most innovative tour – THE RIDE. It's a funny, creative, and delightful way to explore the city aboard your own luxury motor coach. There's even the occasional karaoke involved!

Another option that's just as much fun is THE TOUR, which is a little bit longer and includes different sites. So be a little silly with your partner or friends, learn a little something, and have a great time. 

A Fun & Romantic Cruise

Another exciting yet romantic way to explore the city is via an evening cruise. After all, there's something so special about seeing the city lights by night. Try a Harbor Lights Cruise for some beautiful views and even more beautiful moments. It's fun for friends, too – you'll get to enjoy the illuminated skyline and see major sites like Ellis Island, Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, and many more.

Discover Harlem's Jazz Music Scene

If you fancy taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city sightseeing, what could be better than listening to live music in New York City's home of jazz? Sit back, relax and soak up the soulful and soothing beats of Duke Ellington, Ella Fiztgerald, Miles Davis and many more at the Harlem Jazz Series. You're sure to leave here with a smile on your face, ready to take on the rest of your NYC vacation. 

Visit the Statue of Liberty

Of course, you simply can't leave New York City without paying a visit to its most famous resident - the iconic Lady Liberty herself. History buffs and fans of U.S. culture in general will want to take the trip out to see Liberty Island themselves, so hop aboard a ferry and let the adventures begin!

Don't forget to explore the nearby Ellis Island, too, once home to the country's immigration center. The museum located there is poignant and informative and is great for curious travelers. Plus, you may find the name of one of your ancestors on the engraved wall!


Unbeatable Shopping

New York City is rightfully considered one of the shopping capitals of the United States. Quite literally, you can buy almost anything you can dream of in NYC. Whether you're roaming the couture boutiques of Madison Avenue or scouring the shops of SoHo for that perfect deal, you'll be able to shop to your heart's content in this city. Just be nice to your partner and buy them something!

Another great (and budget-friendly!) option is to take a trip out to the Woodbury Common outlets. Hop aboard a bus to avoid the hassle of driving and parking, and spend a few hours shopping to your heart's content. 

Save on Popular New York City Attractions

As you can see, there are so many things to do in NYC for couples that it's hard to narrow down the list. While you most likely can't squeeze all of these activities into one trip, you can select several to craft that perfect couples vacation.

Remember, many of these great activities can be done with your flatmate, where you can save on combined admission vs paying at the gate.