Flatmate Livinging & Homesharing Becoming Increasingly Popular in Los Angeles

by iROOMit Team
28 March 2023
3 min read

A recent analysis by Zillow Research found It would take the incomes of almost four full-time workers earning the federal minimum wage to reasonably afford the typical two-bedroom rental.

  • Affordability is better in cities that have set their own minimum wages, even in more expensive markets.
  • Building more homes is a clear path to improving affordability. Measures that allow for more density, including allowing new accessory dwelling units, duplexes or triplexes in residential neighborhoods, are supported by a strong majority of homeowners and renters.

Renters in LA spend 45% of their income on housing, while homeowners spend nearly 44% of their income on their mortgage. This leaves many people, especially young people, struggling to make ends meet.

One solution to this problem is homesharing and flatmate living which involves homeowners renting out extra space in their homes for extra income and companionship, while renters gain a unique place to live. Homesharing/flatmate living can be a wonderful way for homeowners to earn extra income from unused space, and it can be especially helpful for older adults looking to age in place.


But how do you find a flatmate or someone to rent a room from in Los Angeles? One option is classified ads, though many major newspapers no longer accept these kinds of personal ads. Bulletin boards, both online and in physical locations, can be hit or miss in terms of reaching a wide audience. Facebook Marketplace is another option, but it doesn't offer any screening or compatibility assessments.

At iROOMit, we offer a full-service platform for both homeowners and renters looking to homeshare or live with a flatmate in Los Angeles. Our platform provides a unique compatibility score for homeowners and renters based on their personal preferences and lifestyles, as well as ID verification and background checks. We believe homesharing and flatmate living can be a safe and positive experience for everyone involved.

So if you're looking for a flatmate or a place to rent in Los Angeles, consider homesharing and flatmate living as a way to save money and build companionship. And if you're a homeowner looking to rent out your spare room, iROOMit can help you find the right housemate for a positive and successful homesharing and flatmate living experience if you're looking to move to a new city.

Flatmate living or homesharing is not only a practical solution for those struggling with high housing costs in Los Angeles, but it also offers several benefits beyond financial savings. Flatmates offer companionship and a sense of community, which can be particularly important in a large and often overwhelming city like LA.


Flatmate living and homesharing can also provide access to desirable neighborhoods and amenities, such as private yards or more space than a traditional flat. Homeowners can benefit from extra income, while renters can enjoy a unique living situation and potentially save on other expenses such as utilities or furniture.

At iROOMit, we believe that the key to a successful flatmate living and homesharing experience is compatibility between housemates. That's why we use a unique algorithm to match homeowners and renters based on their preferences, lifestyles, and personality traits. We also provide in-app messaging and secure payment processing to ensure a smooth and secure experience for everyone involved.


If you're interested in flatmate living and homesharing in Los Angeles, don't hesitate to explore your options and find the right fit for your needs. Whether you're a homeowner with a spare room or a renter looking for an affordable and unique living situation, flatmate living and homesharing can offer a practical and fulfilling solution.