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by iROOMit Team
7 October 2022
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Sunny weather and the Hollywood Hills are the first things that come to our mind whenever we think of Los Angeles! Located in the southern region of California, the city offers something for everyone, right from a relaxing stroll down a beach to the throb of a vibrant nightlife. A cultural melting pot, people of different ethnicities live in harmony in Los Angeles.

History of Los Angeles

Edward Doheny hit upon oil in 1892 and there’s been no looking back. 1913 saw the shooting of the first film in Hollywood and the city was the proud host of the Summer Olympics in 1932. It’s been a long and eventful journey from a settlement to a sprawling metropolis.

The city's population is any measure of how much people like it, there's substantial evidence that living in Los Angeles is pretty great. 4 million people live within the city limits, and 18.7 million reside in the Greater Los Angeles area. But what is living in Los Angeles really like - the people, attitudes, culture, and economic opportunity.

Can you hack big-city living? Do you like warm, sunny weather? If so, here are some of the main reasons why moving to Los Angeles may be a good fit for you (or not)!

Today, Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis that houses stars, celebrities, students, and commoners alike. A lively city, there’s never a dull moment here.

Top Places to Visit

  • The Universal Studios Theme Park is a must-see place with its adrenaline-pumping rides. Don’t miss Jurassic World- The Ride which makes for a truly unforgettable experience.
  • The Griffith Park and the Griffith Observatory gives you a peek into our solar system through its telescopes. What’s more, you can even view the sun with a solar telescope.
  • The Disneyland Resort with its hotels, dining, and shopping options is a major attraction too.

Using an indexed score put together by the U.S. Census Bureau, where the average U.S. City is 100, the cost of living in Los Angeles scores 136. What is similar to other cities is the price of groceries, utilities, health care, and transportation. The greatest difference is the cost to put a roof over your head. The housing index for Los Angeles is 207.

Only a handful of places like New York City, Honolulu, Orange County (surprisingly), and San Jose have higher housing costs. Nearby San Diego is not far behind and is consistent with the broader story the data reveals: folks pay more to rent or buy homes in coastal cities. Of course, within major cities, there are always high-end neighborhoods and exclusive enclaves, too. Some of Los Angeles’ most expensive neighborhoods have luxury homes -- sometimes priced over $100M -- that are out of reach to all but the very wealthy.

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