7 Best Flatmate Bill-Splitting Apps of 2022

by iROOMit Team
18 March 2022
5 min read

If the thought of crunching numbers to fairly split bills with flatmates makes you uneasy, you’re not alone. Sharing bills has the potential to create drama — regardless of whether you consider yourself a math whiz. Using an app to split bills with flatmates can go a long way toward keeping the peace. Whether you’re looking for an app to split one-off costs or you’re thinking about turning to a flatmate budget app to simplify the process, there are plenty of apps to consider.

Once you’ve figured out which bills you will and won’t share with your flatmates, it’s time to choose the best app for flatmates’ bills in your situation. Explore the following seven great apps.


Billr offers a great tool for sharing and itemizing costs in one place. The 99-cent app is ideal if you’re into nights out with your flatmates since you can use Billr to calculate what everyone owes for their entrees. In other words, you won’t get stuck footing the bill for your flatmate’s fancy drinks and lobster because calculating how much each person should pay at the end of a meal is awkward for you. Billr also splits shared items, such as wine or appetizers, making the process of eating out easier than before. The app adds tax and tips for you. You can also send a copy of the split bill to everyone involved as an email or text.


Traditional IOU notes get a digital update in the aptly named IOU app. If you’re searching for a flatmate budget-sharing app, you’ll want to check out this app. You can keep track of all your debts to your flatmates while also uploading expenses, sharing those expenses equally among flatmates, and sending email reminders. IOU lets you add recurring IOUs for bills you have to pay each month. It’s useful when you plan to share costs such as electricity, internet, or gas on an ongoing basis. You can also use this app to set up a payment plan for big purchases. IOU allows you to easily track various payments and keep a record of debt history so that you don’t have any confusion about whether you paid back your flatmate for your current supply of paper towels.


Are you thinking about sharing food and drinks regularly with your roomies? OurGroceries can help you track the shopping. For example, if you share some communal ingredients, this app can relieve the stress from making sure you always have these items on hand. OurGroceries lets you make, adjust, and share grocery lists. You can cross off items you buy and add supplemental lists to enhance the experience.

Settle Up

Settle Up lets you split payments evenly or select individual amounts for each flatmate to pay. The app includes share functions to send expenses with an email or via WhatsApp or social media. It also backs up and syncs these expenses so that everyone in the group can see them. If you opt for the paid version of the app, Settle Up lets you upload photos of receipts and customize your groups. Settle Up has the ability to add the day’s local exchange rate for international transactions. If you become best friends with your flatmates and plan to jet off together on a fun vacation, this app can allow you to keep sharing expenses easily while you’re traveling.



Free and easy to use, Splittr streamlines the bill-sharing process. This app works offline so that you can figure out expenses when necessary. Splittr lets you upload costs, then choose even or uneven splitting among your group.

Do you want to get a history of debts? Splittr can accomplish this task, too. The app allows you to generate a PDF to email to your flatmates, ensuring everyone has up-to-date records. The app syncs with other users and doesn’t require a login. You can also use Splittr to analyze your expenses.


If you frequently share a variety of expenses with your flatmates and need a flatmate bill splitter to deal with, Splitwise offers an invaluable tool. You can get the free app for iPhone or Android. The app keeps a running total of who owes what to whom, and you can enter expenses for everything from grocery runs to happy hour drinks and more.

Since Splitwise tallies your various IOUs for you, you and your flatmates tackle reimbursements as one big payment when you all deem it convenient. In other words, you no longer have to grapple with heaps of hard-to-track little payments. Upload an expense and choose who you’ll share it with, then decide with your flatmates how often you’ll settle the tab. You can get Splitwise to send reminder emails to help everyone keep up with payments. All in all, Splitwise offers a great rent-splitting app that you can also use to share other expenses.


Venmo, a popular and free app, lets you both send and request money. The app offers a secure way to pay back other app users. You can also add a debit card or bank account to transfer money with no added charge or keep some cash in your Venmo account to send to your flatmates when they request a payment.

Not only is Venmo a great flatmate bill-sharing app, but it also gives you a useful way to transfer money with other folks in your life. If you need to pay back family members or friends, or you need someone to pay you back, Venmo gives you a free way of transferring money. Living with flatmates can help you afford your dream place while saving on other costs, and the living arrangement may lead to lifelong friendships. Still, you’ll need to communicate and stay organized to keep everyone happy. Using a bill-splitting app for flatmates will take the stress out of sharing bills.

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