30 Fun Activities With Your Flatmate in 2022

by iROOMit Team
28 April 2022
3 min read

Your flatmates are the people who tend to see you at your best and at your worst, and whether you like them or not, they’re a big part of your college experience.

So, in honor of that, here are 30 Fun Activity With Your Flatmate(s) this semester. If you live alone, or you really can’t picture doing these things with your flatmate, grab a good friend and have some fun:

1. Stay up all night together – NOT studying. Watch movies, eat pizza, go bowling, whatever. 2. Invite all of your mutual friends over and host a fancy dinner. 3. Go to Target, IKEA, the local thrift store, etc. and find one statement piece for your home that you both fall in love with. 4. Have a hair spa day at home and save on going to the salon. 5. Social media stalk each other back. Laugh and laugh. 6. Get a tub of ice cream and share your funniest or most cringe-worthy dating stories. 7. Online shop together and fight over who gets to buy that on-sale dress. (If your sizes are similar, maybe you can share it?) 8. Leave the flat for a day/weekend and go on a road trip. 9. Have a baking night where you whip up everything and anything. Make a board on Pinterest with all of your ideas! 10. Knock on your neighbors’ doors and bring them baked goods from above.


11. Binge an entire TV series from start to finish together. 12. Exercise! Go to yoga, dance class, kickboxing, etc. together. 13. Don’t leave the house the next day and complain about how sore you guys are. 14. Clean the flat together. Trust me, it’s better if you tackle it together. Bonus points if you put on really good music first. 15. If you’re similarly sized, go through your wardrobe and trade clothes and accessories that you no longer wear. Take the rest to Goodwill or sell it. 16. Have a DIY craft night. 17. Go to the store and splurge on fancy cheeses, crackers, and wine (if you’re of age). Have a fancy night in. 18. Try a new restaurant that neither of you have been to. 19. Look up cute puppies/kittens/other baby animals and try to pick out one you both agree on hypothetically adopting. 20. Watch cooking competition shows on TV or Netflix. This is a favourite activity around our flat!

  1. Pick one of the challenges from the cooking show, go into the kitchen, and attempt to do it with the ingredients you have. 22. Catch up on your days for five minutes each night, even if you’re both really busy.
  2. Go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and stay for at least an hour. Marvel at each other’s ability to eat.
  3. Collectively create a Spotify playlist for the flat and then blast it.
  4. Go on a double-date together.
  5. Even better, set each other up on a blind date for the same night. Then come home and question each other’s sanity.
  6. Host a board game night and invite people from different friend groups. 28. Go to brunch on Sunday. If you’re super fancy, make it yourself.
  7. Buy tickets to see a band/artist who you both like and is coming to town.
  8. Go on a healthy food kick for a week and throw out all the junk food. Then hit up the store the next week to replace it all.

There you have it! There are tons of ways to enjoy your flatmate’s company, whether you’ve lived together for four years straight or just moved in. If you and your flatmate aren’t close, suggest one of these and see what happens.